Round Dogs is the deflationary NFT collection on Ethereum that automatically rewards holders daily!

Round Dogs Club


1 Round Dog

0.04 ETH

Get 1 Round Dog
Access to Round Club
Auto Battling
20% off!

9 Round Dogs

0.288 ETH

Get 9 Round Dogs
Access to Round Club
Combine to make 3 Round Dog Soldiers
Round Dog Soldiers have higher battle win rate

Whitelist & Claim


You have 1 Round Dogs available at the discounted price of 0.32 ETH each!


You have 1 Round Dogs available to claim for free (+gas)!


They say that there's two sides to every story. This is the story of the Round Dogs.

Round Dogs have been misunderstood throughout the centuries. Tales of their destruction and ferocity had spread far and wide, and others knew them only as savage beasts. In reality, they only wanted nothing more than companionship!

Before the sinister Square Cats came along and spread their horrible rumors about the Round Dogs to all of the other animals in the Shape Kingdom, Round Dogs would play with the other animals from the crack of dawn until the sun sank far behind the mountains.

Now, all of the other animals were too afraid to go near the Round Dogs. And, facing the threat of extinction from the Square Cats, they have learned to combine themselves to create Round Dog Soldiers, specially bred to defend against the Square Cats!



Round Dogs Club is a deflationary NFT collection consisting of 9999 Round Dogs. Owners can combine 3 Round Dogs to create a Round Dog Soldier.

Square Cats Holders

Holders of Square Cats NFTs will be whitelisted to adopt Round Dogs equivalent to the number of Square Cats that they hold.

Square Cat Warrior holders will be airdropped Round Dogs equivalent to the number of Square Cat Warriors that they hold!

3 Round Dogs combine to become 1 Round Dog Soldier

The Club

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Round Dogs automatically battle Square Cats daily in an eternal war called The Shape Wars. With each battle, a Round Dog will gain more and more experience points for themselves and their owner. Each NFT will automatically battle a random NFT of the opposing side every 24 hours. More experience points are awarded for a successful attack or a successful defense. Experience points will be useful later, on a network outside of Ethereum! Stay tuned for more detailed information!

Round Dogs vs Square Cats



  • Parallel launch of The Shape Wars and daily auto-battling against Square Cats for experience points!

25% Sold

  • Experience point bonus for all successful attacks
  • Defense bonus to guard against Square Cat attacks

50% Sold

  • Unlock double attacks per turn for all Round Dogs
  • Round Dogs $25,000 marketing blitz

75% Sold

  • Unlock experience point bonus for successfully defending
  • Unlock additional experience point bonus for successful attacks
  • Unlock Square Cats and Round Dogs Swag drops

100% Sold

  • Build The Shape Wars RPG
  • Unlock three attacks per turn for all Round Dogs
  • Round Dogs $50,000 marketing blitz


Technical, Social
I love animals. Having grown up with animals all throughout my life, I've always wanted to build something that gives back to them while also being able to create something fun and amazing. I'm so grateful to be able to do that work with Round Dogs Club.
I previously worked as a cover artist at a book publishing company for a number of years. Towards the end of my time there, I had become obsessed with crypto and ended up quitting in order to get deeper into the space. Fortunately, that also coincided with the NFT boom. And now, here I am!